GE T&D India Limited

(formerly ALSTOM T&D India Limited)

With a 100 years of presence in India, GE T&D India is a leading player in the Power Transmission business with a product portfolio ranging from Medium Voltage to Extra High Voltage (765 kV) for the Utility, Industry and Infrastructure markets. GE T&D India has a predominant presence in all stages of the power supply chain, with a wide range of products that include Power Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Gas Insulated Switchgears, Instrument Transformers, Protection Relays and Power System Automation equipments. 

Over the years it has become the leading turnkey solution provider for Transmission Projects, HVDC, e-BOP projects, FACTS, Network Management System and Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCCs). Alstom Grid India’s widely expanded and highly skilled Service business helps its customers to install commission and maintain its equipments and offerings to achieve the best results. 

With 3500+ employees and 8 manufacturing units, GE T&D India is clearly the undisputed market leader in India and is future ready to meet the demands for equipments and services even at Ultra High Voltage levels (1200 kV). 

With an increased demand for energy worldwide, and consumption forecasts predicting energy production increases of around 80% between 2006 and 2030*, GE T&D India’s dedicated teams combine their skills to deliver customer-valued solutions to build smarter, more stable, more efficient and environmentally friendly electricity grids worldwide. 

GE T&D India, as one of the three global players in electrical transmission, boasts technologies and expertise which have always ensured higher safety, reliability, capacity of power grids around the world and well-positioned to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. 

GE T&D India is the first company in India to successfully manufacture India's first 1200 kV Capacitor Voltage Transformer and invest in manufacturing of all transmission products upto 765 kV and above. It is also the first company to manufacture fully localized 765 kV Power Transformer and Instrument Transformer and commission India’s first indigenously developed 765 kV Substation for LANCO Infratech. GE T&D India is the first company to manufacture 800 kV Circuit Breaker for NTPC Sipat and deliver first 765 kV substation in India.

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